At Baked T's you will enjoy a unique shopping experience! Imagine a 70's t-shirt shop with 21st century technology in a bakery like store setting. But, unlike the 70ís, you are not limited to in-stock heat transfers or heat pressed letters and numbers. At Baked Tís, there are no quantity limitations, just boundless creativity.

You'll get the opportunity to ďbakeĒ your own customized shirts, shorts and other wearables without quantity limitations. Choose from thousands of pre-made designs or create your own! At Baked Tís we create custom designs made just for you! Once your design is finalized, you can take your item with you in about 10 minutes. Enjoy some of our bakery items or a cold drink while you wait.

Our unique Direct to Garment printing technology is capable of producing a high quality image in hundreds of colors. Unlike screen printing, the cost is the same regardless of the number of colors used in the design. In addition, our inks are absorbed into the material of the garment which allows it to breathe. The image WILL NOT crack or peel and can be washed hundreds of times.

Once your item is baked, we offer a unique packaging solution. We also have one of the only shirt compression machines in the region which allows us to compress and package the shirt to look like a variety of bakery items or a guitar.

Melissa, Andrew, Drew, Debbie, Dan and Stephanie (Left to Right)
Debbie - is the owner of Baked Tís and has dreamt of owning her own store for a long time. After much planning, she opened the store in April of 2010. Debbie is familiar with all aspects of the production process but her true expertise is in making her customers feel welcomed.
Drew - is a Manager and Senior Graphic Designer. Drew has been with Baked T's since the beginning and brings many years of graphic design and custom shirt production experience.
Andrew - is a Manager and Senior Graphic Designer. Andrew has several years of graphic design experience and has mastered all of our production methods.
Dan- is our business manager and technology expert. He is familiar with all aspects of the process and also has the ability to produce the graphic designs.
Melissa and Stephanie - are both degreed graphic designers. They bring significant design experience to assist our customers in producing the desired graphics for all of the products we offer.