We have now wrapped up a very busy holiday season and are looking forward to this new year. One of our goals (our new years resolution) is to focus a little more on our communications to our customers and product updates toour online store. We are also planning to begin a newsletter to update our customers on new product offerings, special sales and our charity events. You can sign up for ourmailing list on ourweb site. You can alsofriend us on Facebook orfollow us on Twitter

We have recently added several items including a customizable iPhone 4/4S cover. We are attending an industry show in January and we plan to add even more products and decoration processes for your custom made t-shirts, hoodies and other wearables and gift items!

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    • You can like us on our main webpage which is how most people access the blog site. We will look into adding consistent links to the blog site for those who find it without going to the main site. is the main site. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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