At Baked T’s, we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to the community that supports us. We support our community through charitable giving and by doing whatever we can to help preserve the environment.

Throughout the year we will select various charities to support. A portion of our sales will be donated to selected charities.

Since the beginning, we have made many decisions based on what is best for the environment. Everything from the inks we use to the packaging and even the creation of our store have been designed to maximize the preservation of the environment.

In our printing process all inks are sealed and contain no toxic materials which eliminates the possibility of anything toxic releasing into the air. All designs are produced and stored on computers, eliminating the need to produce a screen for each color. We deliver our shirts compressed which allows us to use smaller packages made from recycled material. We also use energy efficient (CFL) lighting in all of our fixtures. We even thought about the environment when we built out our space by using recycled materials in our custom made cabinets.

An energizing and eclectic entertainment and shopping district, The Loop offers six blocks of exhilarating retail, restaurants, live music, café culture, and even a Walk-Of-Fame.

The American Planning Association recently named this thriving urban retail, arts and entertainment district “One of the 10 Great Streets in America.”

For more information, visit the Loop website

We have made every attempt to source our items and equipment from other local business. Most of our fixtures were purchased and manufactured in Missouri and installed by local resources. Much of our equipment is also produced in the area including our pre-treatment equipment and compression machine. We also source as many of our standard supplies from local companies.