Custom T-Shirts and Personalized Apparel in St. Louis

Looking for something to help celebrate graduation or your family reunion?  Don’t forget that Father’s Day is coming up too! Let us help you design a one of a kind t-shirt to make those special memories last!

Order in store or on our  Online Store open 24/7!

Schedule a Virtual Design Session The approximate wait time for the next customer signing in is 32 minutes

Have you been “volunteered” to handle all the shirt ordering, money collecting and distribution for your school, team or group?

Baked T’s is here to help!

Baked T’s sets up an online ordering system for your group where you can direct people to order and pay for their shirts. They will have the opportunity to select their sizes and variety of items, pay for their order and decide if they want to pick up the shirts from our store, have them distributed with the rest of the group or even have them shipped (which is a great option for those who want to show their support but live out of town).